My father told me to come to Northwest to get treated from a auto accident while I was visiting from Atlanta. I was able to walk in and they seen me the same day. Everyone was so awesome and super friendly and highly respectable to everyone who walk in the door. My first day I was in pain but weeks later Dr. Boylan got me back on track. It has been a pleasure and I would suggest Northwest Chiropractic to everyone. They get in right and and right out…Thanks.

– Ty B.

I’ve been experiencing pain in the lower back for about two months and have been able your much relief. I can Northwest chiropractic Rusher did great by the staff and we give a good recommendation to someone who has or hasn’t been to a chiropractor.

– L.G.

The BEST in service and always the BEST! My whole family has come to this office over the years and even though my kids have moved away they always remember Dr Tom. Once you have this good of service why would you ever look for anyone else. I have always come in when in major pain and they always get me in and find time. Would not go anywhere else. The Whole staff is amazing; It also would not be the same to not see Shelley. Shelley is also amazing and always Friendly!

– Margaret S.

Dr. Boylan listens to your needs and is far from routine. His care in individualized making you feel comfortable and not rushed. I would highly recommend.

– Marry B.

All I have is good things to say about the office. Everyone there is nice. Having severe back pain was a scary thing for me and with the help of Dr. Boylan now I am doing much better. I highly recommend them to any of my friends and family.

– Bill A.

Went most of my life with almost zero back pain. Due to some improper lifting techniques I suddenly had backpain to the point of almost unable to walk. Dr. Boylan went above and beyond to getting me back in working order. I will continue to recommend Dr. Boylan to friends and family.

– Nathan G.

THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE IS GREAT!!! Northwest Chiropractic has a friendly and positive atmosphere and an excellent staff!!! I recommend to all those who have back and neck pain to call and make an appointment!!! They even have a Water Massage Table!!!

– Brian U.

I recommend Northwest Chiropractic to anyone who wants to experience chiropractic care. Dr. Boylan is down to earth and is very skilled in chiropractic adjustments…. highly recommend him. They provide a friendly atmosphere and make the patient the priority. 5 STARS!

– Aaron C.