Disc bulges or herniations are common findings that can cause back and neck pain including thigh, leg, arm, hand pain, or sciatica. In the body there are 23 discs which act as shock absorbers or spacers in between the bones. The discs have soft centers that are surrounded by fibrous layers of tissue. Sometimes due to an injury, repetitive stress/strain or the normal aging process the material in the middle of the disc can push to the side or rupture through causing a disc bulge or herniation.

Symptoms that can result from disc bulge and herniation vary from localized pain in the lower part of the back and spine to pain that spreads down the back of the hip and thigh into the calf. Pain may be in one or both legs which may include numbness, tingling or weakness into the legs or feet. In severe cases bowel or bladder changes can follow resulting in permanent neurological problems.

Chiropractic care has been proven effective for treating patients suffering from symptoms of disc pain. Chiropractic care works on correcting misalignment in the spine and restoring normal motion to the vertebrae and discs resulting in less pressure and strain on the soft tissues.

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